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Access Control Systems

We'll Bring Safety to Your Building with our Access Control System Installation and Repair

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What is Access Control

Access control is a security technique that allows you to restrict and grant permission for access to your building, and to certain rooms or areas. This allows you to control entry and exit, and you can even have different levels of entry.Locking systems on doors, gates, or turnstiles prevent entry to the area, unless credentials are used to gain authorization

We offer state-of-the-art access control systems and components including gates, turnstiles, keypad systems, biometrics readers, and traditional card access. Which system you choose depends on the purpose and on your unique safety requirements.Whether you are looking for a single door access control or network access control system for commercial or residential building, you should consult with experts to design a system tailored exactly to your needs.

Smart Access Control Systems

Add safety and security to your office building or home. Whether you need a simple one door access control or a complex multi door system, we can assist in the planning and installation for your entire access control requirements, backed by uncompromising customer service and support.

All types of access control devices from RF controls, Card Readers, Keypads, RDIF and complimentary products can be installed at your facility to compliment your existing or new infrastructure to meet your unique requirements

Let us work with you to install and design a reliable cutting edge access control system to offer you the peace of mind for safety and security for all employees and visitors.

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Cost Conscious

We understand your budget constraints, lack of time and that constant problem with keeping up with the latest technological advances. We aim to become a trusted partner. Helping you determine the best system to suit your needs.We value ongoing relationships with our customers, these relationships rely on trust - consequently we never oversell a security system. We will design and install highly cost effective systems that neither cut corners on quality, nor provide you with excess capacity or features you will never use.

At Rivonia Locksmith. we look for every possible means to save costs whilst providing quality products and services. We use market leading equipment that has a long life expectancy and is easily maintained. We will look to upgrade existing systems where possible - we will not re-invent the wheel at your expense.

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